SATV Forms

Below are downloadable pdf’s of forms that are used by producers, volunteers and anyone looking for a copy of an SATV created program. Before downloading any forms, please make sure that you read the SATV Rules & Operating Procedures as signing the broadcast requests, states that you have read them and understand them.

Broadcast Agreement – use this for a request to put a show you produced on the air, or use our online form.

Portable Equipment Request –  You must be a SATV certified access user, contact the office to request equipment (2 week notice required). Please contact SATV directly to request equipment.

Studio/Editing Request – Please contact SATV directly to request studio or editing time and availability per our SATV Rules and Operating Procedures.

Talent Release – use this for anyone who will be appearing in your production.

Questions? Call us at 508-673-0663.  or email us at


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