At SATV we have a staff of three who are here to help you learn to create your own television show and also assist covering town meetings, special events and more.

Station Manager
Lori Belché
Lori has been with Somerset Access Television since January 2006. She started creating public access television shows when she took the first access tv class offered by the first cable company that came to Somerset in 1981. Her her 40 years of background in public access brings a wealth of knowledge to the station and a history of where it began in Somerset to how far it has come. Lori has also previously owned her own video production business, and has done projects for television & film companies in NY & Los Angeles. Was a full-time vocalist in various local bands, she also worked for 2 years for Providence radio stations WWKX/WARA in the 1990’s. Lori spent 10 years working for Somerset High School mentoring students who are interested in entering the field of television/film production where many went on to professional jobs in the industry.

Content Producer
Brian Moniz


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